Wommologist is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC - Local by Referral
Wommologist - a local business owner who applies scientific and systematic word of mouth marketing - is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC

Wommologist is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC

Wommologist™ (and other variations such as WOMMologist™ and WOMMOLOGIST™) are all common law trademarked by Local Leverage LLC as of this public posting, September 10, 2018.

A Wommologist™ is a "smart business person who scientifically and systematically applies word of mouth marketing to grow their business".

With LocalByReferral®, and all our Local Leverage LLC products and services, we take a very serious systematic approach to word of mouth referral and relationship marketing. That's why we believe the "scientific" description is a valid one.

All LocalByReferral® members are Wommologists™ applying Wommology™!

About the Author Eric Ruth

As chief wommologist here at Local By Referral, I'm motivated by getting as much control and autonomy for businesses as I can. The scariest thing I see with local businesses is the reliance on just one way to get customers. And these days it's usually online advertising. So much can go wrong suddenly, or slowly (like the frog in the warming water) when you're dependent on just one source. The solution of course, is wommology - scientific word of mouth marketing. Local By Referral shows you the way...