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Make it EASY...and Watch Your Referrals Skyrocket

Wharton School of Business conducted the largest (10,000 sample size) and most exhaustive (3 years) referral marketing study and discovered the two biggest reasons businesses don't get as many referrals as they want...

Eric Ruth is Chief Wommologist of Local By Referral

From Eric Ruth
North of Indian Rocks, FL

Dear Fitness Business Owner,

If you're not getting as many referrals as you want, you're not alone.

The vast majority of fitness business owners are in the same boat. And according to the Wharton School of Business, there are two primary reasons for that...



Yep, the problem is that simple.

You just need to ask for referrals more regularly, and make it brain dead easy for your clients to refer to you.

But how, exactly, do you do that?

If you ask too much, or in the wrong way, you come off as a selfish pest.

And how do you make referring to you easy?

Isn't asking clients to "just tell your friends about us" easy enough?

Clearly not. Because that doesn't work.

And there are about 101 reasons why it doesn't work. Starting with the fact that after your clients train with you, they go on about their lives.

You are no longer "top of mind".

And their opportunities to talk about you (word of mouth) don't come up that often. Because it's not like one day they walk into the office looking dramatically different. And everybody stares at them, shouting...

"OMG, you look awesome. How'd you do it?"

Their transformation is an incremental process that occurs over months, or years.

And it gets worse.

Because even when your clients have a great opportunity to talk you up - to refer you - here's what happens...

Your client says, "Yeah, I've been training over at [your business name], and I love it. They are amazing. I've lost 37 pounds and feel ten years younger. You should definitely check them out if you're interested."

The other person is like, "That's awesome. What's their website?"

And maybe he writes it down, or even pulls it up on his phone right then.

But from there, everything falls apart...

Because there's no clear "conversion" path!

Yes, a highly motivated person is going to follow through and call you, even if there is no clear path - even if there is uncertainty.

That's why you get some referrals now.

But if you want more - and there are a LOT more to be had - then these two glaring, primary problems (and the many, many secondary referral obstacles) MUST be cleared away so you have...

A "greased slide" to the referral.

And that's exactly what I've created with...

The FitPro


This Done-for-You Referral System Produces a Steady Stream of the Highest Profit Clients - for In-Person AND Virtual Training - Month-In and Month-Out...Without Expensive Advertising, Frustrating Technology, or Labor-Intensive Time-Suck...GUARANTEED!

This Simple Referral System™ is the smartest and simplest way to get a steady, consistent monthly stream of referred leads...

...and convert those leads to clients with the proprietary Transformation FastTrack™ funnel.

Plus, the Simple Referral System™ produces the highest quality, highest converting leads for both in-person training (LOCAL clients) and virtual training (ONLINE clients from anywhere in the world).

Here's How

NOTE: Every referral marketing tool discussed here is done-for-you. All you do is customize the tool and then put it to work following the provided step-by-step instructions and accountability checklists.

First, you get this Transformation FastTrack™ conversion funnel.

This is how your referral prospects are “captured” into your email list, and then converted into very hot, ready-to-buy leads.

The web page is strategically crafted to be irresistible to folks who have been referred to.

Once the prospect opts-in on that page, they go to your Transformation FastTrack™ page that immediately demonstrates how you're different and better.

Then the hot lead arrives at your scheduler page, where they can book time with you so you can explain your services and invite them to join you as an in-person client, or a virtual client.

The autoresponder sequence (AR) is provided to help “nudge” the lead down your funnel.

And the Gift Access Page is where the referral lead accesses their "Greatest Gift" (done for you).


You’re provided with an arsenal of powerful and strategic traffic tools.

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

And these tools generate traffic for you in two different ways:

  1. Campaign traffic, which is periodic, once a month.
  2. “Always On” traffic, which comes to you 24/7/365.

The campaign provides “surges” of high-volume traffic. The “Always On” traffic comes in more slowly, but steadily, as you’ll see.

Campaign Traffic

The last week of every month you’ll launch a simple, but very powerful, 7-day campaign.

You run the campaign at the end of the month in order to leverage the natural end-of-month deadline to create urgency in your campaign.

Urgency is important for generating the maximum number of referred leads.

But what’s most important is the strategic message in the campaign.

And nothing is more strategic – giving your campaign the greatest influence and persuasion power – than the two KEY elements contained in your campaign: proof and recognition.

The campaign is delivered via multiple channels:

  • A strategic sequence of emails to your house list.
  • A strategic sequence of social media posts.
  • Internal flyers handed out/emailed to clients/members.

And optionally, only if you choose, you can also use:

  • Partner emails from other local businesses (optional, not required)
  • Facebook advertising (optional, not required)

As I mentioned, all these tools are done-for-you, ready to be customized and deployed by you.

Additionally, this campaign is special for another important reason...


You see, it’s really just ONE campaign that you can use every single month...forever.

One simple campaign that's like 12 campaigns in one.

Because it has a couple of "blocks" that you just plug-in/update each month to keep it fresh and interesting...

...and kind of like a Netflix series that builds on the story as you go along.

You’ll understand this better when you see it.

Just keep in mind that the simplicity of the campaign does NOT undermine its effectiveness.

In fact, it does just the opposite.

The simplicity enhances the effectiveness.

“Always On” Traffic

Another element of the Simple Referral System™ that makes it so strong is the fact that it generates traffic for you 24/7/365.

The big surges of traffic will come during the campaigns you run at the end of the month. But you will get a steady flow from these “always on” tools:

  • A “reason why” referral program explainer letter and FAQ provided to all clients, and always available as a “take one”.
  • A new client referral programming “indoctrination” sequence that every new client receives within their first 21 days with you.
  • Referral cards that are different, better, cheaper and easier than anything else you’ve ever seen.
  • Stunning internal referral programming signage (that can also be used virtually as social media posts and zoom backgrounds).

And that’s it.

You don’t need anymore “stuff”.

All you need is what works the best.

And this is it.

Because it’s SIMPLE and STRATEGIC.

And it overcomes the two BIG problems we talked about earlier.

Now you have a way to consistently ASK for referrals without being an unwelcome pest.

And you have the ultimate "greased slide" to the referral that makes referring super EASY.

And you get one more very valuable and important benefit from the FitPro Simple Referral System...

It Creates Referral Culture In Your Business

$5 Million Worth of Winners

What I’m delivering to you right now is the greatest client referral system ever created for fitness businesses.

I can make that statement with complete confidence because I’ve worked for many years exclusively on referral marketing. I’ve seen everything out there. And there is only a handful of people alive today who have created as many winning marketing tools and systems as I have for fitness businesses (well over $5 million worth).

I sincerely believe this system gives you certainty and financial security.

Because it produces for you month-in and month-out like clockwork.

And you’ll never be left hanging, trying to figure things out on your own. Because we have a Facebook Group where you can post questions and get support any time you need it.

Essentially, you’re getting access to a mastermind group of your peers and me that is EXCLUSIVELY FOCUSED on just one thing...

Getting you the maximum number of referrals possible, month-in and month-out.


If you wanted to hire a copywriter of my caliber to produce just the web page (not the entire funnel, just the first page) would cost you upwards of $5,000.

The other tools in the system would run you another $5,000.

But even then... you wouldn’t have the STRATEGIC BIG IDEA that makes this system work...

...and makes all the difference.

There are a lot of really excellent copywriters out there. But there are NOT a lot of really excellent strategic copywriters.

And that’s why the Simple Referral System™ has such extreme value. Easily 3x-5x more than the small investment of... 

JUST $147


“Eric's Simple Referral System is easy to use and I love it. My first month I got 11 new leads and 3 became clients immediately. I give it 5/5 stars!”

Ludmila Prodan

Body By Ludmi

That’s it. Just $147 for the greatest client referral marketing system ever created.

A system that, when used consistently over time, can potentially make you millions.

I know that sounds like hype, but consider the math...

If SRS produces just 5 new clients for you every month for the first year, and 10 new clients per month the next year, and your average client lifetime value is just $1000, that’s $60K the first year and $100K the second year. If you get only marginally better results each year – say 12 new clients per month ($144K), then 14 ($168K) year #7 you’ll have earned over one million dollars using this system...alone.

But even if it’s just half of that, your ROI is staggering.


I first offered this system at $97. As promised, I've now raised the investment to $147. Soon it will likely go up again.

So NOW is your entrepreneurial moment.

You have two choices:

CHOICE #1: Grab this now and follow my step-by-step simple instructions to get it working for you within days...your referrals ramping up by the end of this month...and increasing each and every month after that. Freeing you from the worry about how to get new clients, and dramatically increasing your profit margins because referrals have almost $0 acquisition cost.

CHOICE #2: Do nothing. Continue worrying about where the new clients will come from. Keep chasing magic marketing bullets (and ignoring the #1 best, most proven way to get clients since business began).

And it will only be available to early adopters like you...and only for a very limited time.

In fact, this low investment goes away for good when the timer hits zero.

That’s the deadline to get the FitPro Simple Referral System™ for just $147.


My triple guarantee to you: (1) If you're not happy for any reason within the first 30 days, just send us an email and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund. (2) Anytime after 30 days, if you're not getting the results you want, just send us an email showing that you implemented the system, and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund. (3) After 12 months, if your referrals have not at least doubled, send us an email showing that you implemented the system, and you'll receive DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK. I can't be more fair than that.

If you know me, and my reputation, then you know I go the extra mile for my customers. You will get everything I'm promising you, and more.

Thanks for your interest. And I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

JUST $147


The Most Tragic Referral Reality

"63% of small business owners say that over half their clients come by way of referral. But 80% of those same business owners admit they have no system of any kind to generate referrals. How can a business owner know that referrals are so powerful, and then do so little to take advantage of it?"

- page 11 of The Referral Engine by John Jantsch

Don't let your business be a referral tragedy. Get this system, and watch your referrals skyrocket, guaranteed!

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