LocalByReferral is a registered trademark - Local by Referral
Notification of official trademark for LocalByReferral

LocalByReferral is a registered trademark

All systems are go with our trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We expect the official publication of the trademark to occur on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

Very, very excited about that because it's so important to legally protect valuable intellectual property.

So by the end of next week we'll be switching out the common law TM LocalByReferral™ to the official circle R LocalByReferral®

Update September 20, 2018

USPTO published our LocalByReferral® trademark on September 18. A screenshot of the publication is below.

Local Leverage LLC has also initiated two common law trademarks. Click the links to see the official notice of common law trademarks (with intent to file for full registered trademark):



LocalByReferral official publication of Registered Trademark

About the Author Eric Ruth

As chief wommologist here at Local By Referral, I'm motivated by getting as much control and autonomy for businesses as I can. The scariest thing I see with local businesses is the reliance on just one way to get customers. And these days it's usually online advertising. So much can go wrong suddenly, or slowly (like the frog in the warming water) when you're dependent on just one source. The solution of course, is wommology - scientific word of mouth marketing. Local By Referral shows you the way...