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Eric Ruth Local By Referral with No BS book

That book tells a cautionary tale. You should read it.

It begins in Chapter 3, “How I Discovered Direct Response”.

The story is about me, and how I helped my friend and client, Forrest Walden, generate over $250,000 per MONTH with a direct marketing tactic I created.

For three straight years Forrest grew a very substantial, multi-location local business in Alabama “on the back of that one tactic” as he says in the book on page 31.

And then it stopped working.

The method he relied on to get 90% of his new customers every month didn't work anymore.

As you can imagine, that was pretty scary.

And that experience cemented in his psyche the determination that he would never, ever again be dependent on – and at the mercy of – one singular customer-generating tactic.

Unfortunately, that’s the precariously dangerous position the vast majority of local businesses are in.

In marketing, ONE is the loneliest number.


SIDENOTE: Aaron Crocker, who is part of the LocalByReferral® team and one of my very good friends, was Forrest Walden's business partner when the story I referenced above occurred. Aaron tells that story, with all his southern charm, better than anyone. I plan to get him on video telling it, which I'll share with you.


I want you to consider for moment what your business will look like, and what you’ll feel like, in a year from now when you have 10, 15 or even 20 referral partners in your local area.

Think about that.

10, 15 or 20 other respected local businesses referring all their customers, clients or patients to you, every month like clockwork, for free.

That’s no pipe dream.

That’s exactly what we’re working towards together.

What you’re learning and doing in this 14-Day Fast Start is building a foundation for your own personal local marketing team of referral partners.

A team that collaborates and cooperates to position each of your businesses as THE BEST IN TOWN.

A team that works together to impact and support your community in a variety of ways that help a lot of people and generate immense goodwill – and a steady, ever-growing flow of new customers – for each of you.

I want you to catch that vision, my friend.

Because it’s absolutely possible.

The only obstacle is you – your excuses – your fear.

If you can get over your own self-limiting thoughts, your HEAD TRASH, then you can own your town.

You can be THE premier solution in your category. The obvious expert. The dominant player. The BEST and ONLY option for discerning consumers.

It’s not a pipe dream.

It’s absolutely possible.

Follow me and I’ll show you how.


In yesterdays' ACTION STEP (click here to open it in another browser tab) you began building your all-important prospective partner database using the Tickler & Tracker Tool we provided for you (click here to open the tool in another browser window).

Today we’re going to get your customers to help you with that process.

Because your customers are local consumers who certainly have some favorite businesses in your town.

So it just makes sense to get their input.

But first, I need to address a potential objection/concern you may already have…

Maybe you already know exactly who you want to partner with first to do your SuddenSurge™ campaign.

And you just want to run the campaign…now!

Well, you can’t. Not yet. And there’s a good reason for that.

I want you to go through the process of building your prospective partner list using the Tickler and Tracker Tool.

I want you to build that database, and flesh it out with as much contact info as you can get.

Because that database gets more valuable with each new addition.

And when you begin relationship building with the business owners in that database, it becomes, quite literally, like gold.

Maybe you think that sounds like hyperbole now.

You’ll feel differently soon.

And then you'll be happy you stayed on track with each ACTION STEP.



Discover the local businesses (near your business) that your customers, clients or patients patronize and recommend.

You can find more great prospective partners by asking your customers which businesses in your area they love…

PLUS (and this is very important)…

You can get a great introduction and endorsement from your customer. And that can accelerate the prospective partnering process considerably because you’re being brought together by a third party (your customer) you both know, like and trust.

>> So today’s ACTION STEP is to email, call or text 5-10 of your best customers (the ones you have best relationship with) and ask them for their favorite businesses here in town.

Here’s a sample email you can send to your customers. Or use as a guide for a phone call or text.

= = = = = = = = =

Subject: quick question

Hi [Name],

Can you help me with this…

I’m putting together a list of excellent businesses here in town that I may want to network with. I trust your judgment, so I want to get your input.

Can you tell me 3 or 4 of the businesses here in town that you patronize regularly, and are really impressed with? Less or more than 3 or 4 is fine. Whatever you can do is appreciated.

I’m talking about businesses like your chiropractor, dentist, veterinarian, health club/gym, landscaper, jeweler, florist, etc.

And would you mind if I tell them you referred me when I reach out?

Thanks very much for your help with this, [Name]!

[Your Name]

= = = = = = = = =

That’s all there is to it.

Just get that email out to at least 5-10 of your best customers today.

If you have questions or need help,
click here to go to our Facebook Group and ask.

Look for my email tomorrow with your next business-building ACTION STEP.

Now get to work,