THIS is How I Grew My Last Business to $5,000,000 Per Year

Secrets to Their Success Magazines Created by Eric Ruth

I am the Founder of NPE. I was the owner during its heyday. I created all the marketing systems and tools we sold, and all the marketing systems and tools, like these magazines, we used to attract and acquire clients.


You missed out!

Eric Ruth is Chief Wommologist of Local By Referral

From Eric Ruth
North of Indian Rocks

Dear Fitness Business Owner,

Produce and promote social proof.

A non-stop, ever-growing mountain of it.

Share the 'secrets' to your clients' success - which, of course, are you/your services, plus the values, principles and practices you teach. 

That's how I grew my last business to $5,000,000 per year.

And now I'm going to show you how to do the same.

I'm going to teach you a...


Actually, it's even better than that.

Because it doesn't produce just any clients/members for your fitness business.

It produces the best kind of new clients/members.

The kind who are just like the happiest, most compliant, most fun clients you already have.

The kind who pay, stay and refer.

And the kind who come to you ready to buy -- already TRUSTING you to solve their problem.

Because they've seen the proof - the essential evidence of your preeminence.

And that's why every successful business out there - regardless of industry - makes getting and using reviews, testimonials and client success stories...

The Highest Priority

But listen to me closely now...

You do NOT need jaw-dropping before/after pictures of your clients.

All you need is a simple picture, story and CTA. Like the one you see here.

The picture of the client gets attention. The story creates emotion. The call to action gets response.

But here's the thing...

Just like you can't do one squat and expect to get stronger, or eat one clean meal and expect to get leaner...

You also can't publish just one success story and expect to have clients beating down your door.

So let me ask you a question...

Do Your Clients Like You?

Do they appreciate you?

Do they believe you are helping them?

Are they making progress by working your program?

If you answered yes to those questions...

Then the process I'm going to teach you is all you need to turn your fitness business into a proof and referral "factory" that...

Grows Your Business From the Inside Out

I'm talking about every happy client/member giving you emotional, influential and persuasive proof of your exceptionalism, and helping you use that proof to generate new clients by referral.

And not just one time, but over and over again. As frequently as every 6 weeks! (Or whatever interval you assess your clients.)

How much easier and more fun would your business be if...

Every Client Gets You Two More

Your business would be self-sustaining and ever-growing, right?

This isn't some fantasy or pipe dream. This is real.

And as long as you show the love to your clients by doing good work - by truly helping them - you can make it real for your business.

I know...because I've done it.

If you look at the pictures on those magazines at the top of this letter, you'll see some fit pros who have been my customers...for almost 20 years. Giving me multiple testimonials and multiple referrals.


Because they know they can trust me. They know I care about them. And they know I deliver the goods.

The same goes for you...

When you care deeply about your fitness family, they know it. And they want  to reciprocate. They want to help you build that special place, and attract more special people like them. Why not let them?

Let me show you what I mean.

Just look at the persuasive, powerful things these fitness business owners say about one of the referral programs I created with Aaron Crocker... 

PROOF - Because I practice what I preach. Here are 39 5-star reviews from The Referral Challenge - a program Aaron Crocker and I provided to these awesome fitness business owners! Thank you to all of you for your support and kind words.

Now, let me show you how every happy client/member you have can get you two more...



The PERPETUAL Client Producing PROCESS That Builds Your Business From the Inside Out

I'm going to explain to you how the CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ process works, so you have a thorough understanding, and can clearly see how it will work for you.

But there are 3 things you need to know up-front:

#1 - Proof

This process is the fastest and easiest way to produce an ever-growing mountain of social proof - testimonials, reviews and success stories demonstrating the exceptionalism of your business.

#2 - Referrals

This process is the fastest and easiest way to get more word of mouth referrals, more consistently, without begging, badgering or bribing your clients.

#3 - Leverage

You can apply this process - and the social proof assets it produces - to ANY medium you want. We will focus on email, Facebook organic (free) and, optionally, Facebook retargeting (paid, but super cheap, dimes to dollars compared to Facebook ads). Just keep in mind that you can, as you progress, add other mediums to your marketing mix, like:

  • Facebook ads
  • Offline ads and flyers
  • Direct mail postcards
  • Public speaking presentations
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Digital and print magazines like the ones in the picture above
  • Any and every social media platform like Instagram
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • That book you want to write
  • etc., etc., etc.

Because the CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ process is, quite literally, like the engine that powers your own...

Social Proof Marketing Machine

Okay, let's discuss how the CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ process works - the BIG picture overview. Keep in mind that I provide you with detailed implementation instruction checklists, training, and all the tools you need for each step in this process.

It's all based on this...

Assessment Feedback Loop

Ask any scientist...

“How can you objectively improve anything without measuring it?” And they will answer, “You can’t.” 

Since you are in the improvement business, it’s essential you’re measuring… something. 

So, STEP #1 in the CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ process is to regularly assess/track progress of your clients/members. 

The industry standard for assessment intervals is every 6 weeks. I know some do it more frequently and some less.

Six weeks is the sweet spot, in my opinion.

I assume you’re already assessing your clients/members. If not, I can't imagine why you wouldn't start right now! Because without measurement, you can't optimally serve your clients...or your own business.

Assessments don't have to be involved (sometimes they should be, but they don't have to be - it all depends how you structure your programs). 

Benefits of Assessments

STEP #2 is asking every client/member that has a positive assessment (i.e. they're making progress) to provide a Google™ or Facebook™ review. I provide you with two simple questions that perfectly frame this "ask", making it almost impossible for a happy client/member to say no (and they don't want to say no, anyway - they want to support you).

STEP #3 is promoting that review on organic (free) Facebook in a special way, with a special template I provide to generate leads for you. I will also show you how to get the client who gave you the review to share your post with their Facebook friends, including a referral call to action! These posts and shares will become steady, consistent referral lead generators for you.

Those three steps comprise STAGE #1 of the process.

And, as you're about to see, those three steps can generate a LOT of social proof and referral leads.

Now let's talk about STAGE #2...

STEP #4 is asking the top half (or less, depending on how many clients you have) of the clients who just gave you a Google™ or Facebook™ review to do a fun 10-minute video interview with you. I provide you with the 5 questions to ask them. So they'll be talking 90% of the time. And this is where you can get really powerful stories. The kind of emotional stories that prospects can relate to. This is the most compelling and captivating marketing content you can use. Period. And it can be leveraged in so many different ways to generate leads.

STEP #5 is promoting (for free) that interview on organic Facebook in a special way. And once again, your client will enthusiastically share that interview with their Facebook friends (because it's THEIR story, and it's a way for them to inspire and help their friends).

Do You Have a Facebook Group?

Or would you like start one? Either way, you're going to need content. And what could be better content to include in your group than a steady stream of video interviews with your successful clients?

I'm not talking about 'slickly produced' videos with music and cool edits. You do NOT need that stuff for this purpose.

I'm talking about simple videos, recorded on your iPhone, of your clients sharing the frustrations and failures they had before working with you...and how they turned it all around with your help. You know...

"The Secrets to Their Success!"

THAT is compelling content...that inspires, educates and...sells! (It's the exact same kind of content I used to grow my last business to $5,000,000 per year.)

Plus, the simplest, easiest and probably BEST referral call to action you can make in all the social proof posts you're publishing (and your clients are sharing), is a warm and friendly...

Invitation to Join Your Facebook Group

It's a fantastic great lead generator, and Facebook loves it when you keep their users "inside" the FB environment, rather than sending people out to your website. So they're likely to give your posts more exposure.

And now we're into STAGE #3 - the final stage, with just one final step.

"The Fortune is in the Follow Up"

STEP #6 is about retargeting. If you're not familiar, retargeting is widely considered the best way to get the highest return on your advertising dollars. And the cost is tiny compared to regular Facebook ads.

They are also comparatively easy to set up. And the ad "creative" is simple and straightforward. 

CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ generates a LOT of leads for you. Retargeting is an automated, hands-free way to stay top-of-mind with those leads - to automatically follow up - so you can convert more of them

The statistics on retargeting are excellent: businesses reporting up to 14X return on ad spend (ROAS). That means getting $14 back for every $1 in advertising cost.

I obviously can't promise you that, or any return at all. But I can tell you, based on my experience, and the information I get from experts I trust, retargeting is absolutely worth the investment of your time and a little bit of money. I'm talking about a monthly retargeting budget of roughly $20. That's it.

Until you start seeing big time ROAS, that is. Then you'd be wise to ramp up that budget!

The Key is Consistency

The problem with so many of the marketing and advertising strategies and tactics out there is that they're too time consuming or too expensive. So you can only get a handful of marketing "at-bats" every quarter, or every year. 

Which means you have to hit triples and homers. And that rarely happens.

But when you have a non-stop supply of simple promotions you can implement quickly and easily - getting lots and lots of "at-bats" - then all you need are singles. If you get doubles, triples or homers, that's just gravy. 

CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ is designed to get you CONSISTENT singles. And consistency is the hallmark of success in everything.

Here's what I mean...

If you have 50 current clients/members, you'll be doing - conservatively - 3 social proof referral promotions every week. If you have 25 clients, you'll do roughly one per week. 100 clients, you can do 6 every week. You don't have to, but you can.

And because of how the promotions are positioned - as a celebration of your client - (not a blatant sales pitch) - they're always well received.

And remember, each promotion is as simple as making a Facebook post. That's it.

It's Not Rocket Science

And that's why it's simple, fast and (practically) free (retargeting has a small cost).

Plus, it's SMART marketing:

  • You get a consistent flow of new Google and Facebook reviews.
  • You get a consistent flow of referral leads.
  • You get a consistent flow of the most captivating and compelling marketing content.
  • You get an ever-growing "custom audience" for retargeting.
  • You get an ever-growing "lookalike audience" for advertising (if you choose to do so).
  • You get stronger relationships and improved client/member retention (because they're seeing so much proof of how good you are...and because they're consistently endorsing/referring you, which makes them more loyal).
  • You get more confidence as a business owner and marketer.
  • You get a perpetual client-producing process.

And it's simple to understand and execute...

How to Start Now

CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ is a 4-week implementation program. I provide you with the process, the tools for implementing it, and I’m with you every step of the way to guide, instruct and provide tough-love accountability to make sure you get this system installed and producing for you right away.

Everything about CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ is logical and simple. And there are very few “moving parts”.

  • No long copy landing pages to worry about.
  • No tech to struggle with.
  • No complicated campaigns to send out.
  • No extensive content to create.

Here’s What You Get When You Invest in CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ Today

#1: 30-Day Fast Start Implementation Coaching

4 weekly live Zoom calls with me. Plus access to me in our Facebook group where I'll be available to answer your questions, and provide direction daily. Remember, I built a $5 million dollar per year business using social proof marketing. I can help you. ($1000 value)

#2: Implementation Checklists

4 detailed, step-by-step checklists for rapid, accurate set-up and execution of the perpetual client-producing process ($500 value):

  • Review Checklist
  • Referral Checklist
  • Retargeting Checklist
  • Master System Checklist

#3: Done-For-You Tools and Templates

You don't need a lot of tools and templates to implement this. But the ones you do need are crucial. So I've created them for you ($500 value):

  • Two Pre-Framing Assessment Questions
  • Simple Review Request Script
  • Assessment Follow-Up and Review Request
  • Client Review/Testimonial Promotion Template
  • Client Referral Request
  • Referral Tracking Sheet
  • Client Interview Request
  • Retargeting Ads Template
  • And more...

#4: Training Videos

Short, to-the-point implementation and training videos on big picture strategy (critical), each checklist, tool and template, so you have complete clarity and can execute quickly and effectively ($250 value)

#5: BIG BONUS - Five Turbo Chargers

Smart business owners always look for points of leverage. For ways to get more and better results out of everything you do. That’s how we grow and optimize our businesses. And that’s why I’m including this special bonus. It contains 5 ways you can get even bigger and better results with CLIENT DUPLICATOR™. Five ways to generate more leads, more clients, and MUCH bigger profits. ($250 value)

How Much?

It's a crazy world out there right now. But we have to keep pushing forward... aggressively. In fact, I believe now is the time to be super-aggressive. When others contract, you expand. And that's why this is the perfect time for CLIENT DUPLICATOR™. It's the perfect time to demonstrate how you're different and better and claim greater market share.

This program, and the perpetual client-producing process you're about to discover, is easily worth $1000. If you JUST wanted to generate more reviews, the cheapest software available for that is $348/year. And software will never produce the kind of emotional, powerful reviews and testimonials that this process will. Plus, CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ does so much more than generate reviews.

After this initial launch, I'll raise the price. That's always been my strategy: start low and grow. When I first launched The Referral Challenge it was $197. By the third launch it was $897. And that's probably what will happen with this.

So for right now, if you act quickly and join us on the maiden voyage ;), you get everything for just...

One payment of $197


Two payments of $99

(one now, one in 30 days)

The Price Goes Up Substantially In:


You missed out!


I don't play games. My reputation and integrity are too valuable to me. If you're not happy, for any reason, just send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund your investment 100%, without quibbling or guilt-tripping. I know CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ is amazing, but it's your decision - and yours alone - that matters.

Questions & Answers

Q: Will this work for online/virtual training businesses?

A: Yes. It's perfect for online/virtual, local brick and mortar, and hybrid fitness businesses. Because nothing about this is geographic exclusive. If you use email and Facebook to market your business, this will work for you.

Q: What if I don't assess my clients?

A: You're missing out on so much opportunity. That's all I can tell you. Scroll up this page and take a look at the picture with the orange header that says "3 HUGE Benefits of Assessments". And then start assessing your clients now. Even if it's just a 15-minute "check-in".

Q: Why would my clients share my promotional posts on Facebook?

A: Some might not. But most will. Here's why... The posts are about THEM. They contain their picture and their story. That story is impacted by their experience with you. But it's ultimately about THEM. So you're celebrating them. You're holding them up as an example, and an INSPIRATION to others like them who are struggling. Your clients are helping helping you. That's why they'll share your posts.

20+ Years of Integrity and Results

About Eric Ruth

Eric Ruth is Chief Wommologist of Local By Referral

Eric Ruth launched Fitness Marketing Systems in 1998, quickly establishing himself as one of the leading marketing experts in the fitness industry.

In 2003, Eric created Icing the Cake - the most successful client generating direct mail promotion in the history of the fitness industry. Over the years, Icing has produced thousands of new clients and millions of dollars in sales for the fitness business owners using it.

In 2006, Eric Ruth founded NPE and grew it into the dominant fitness business development company in the industry. He went on to win GKIC Marketer of the Year, and made the Inc 500 list of fastest growing privately owned companies in America two years in a row.

Then Eric sold NPE to take long naps, and focus exclusively on referral and relationship marketing.

Today, Eric is Founder and Chief Wommologist™ at LocalByReferral® and creator of CLIENT DUPLICATOR™ - The Perpetual Client-Producing Process That Builds Your Business From Within.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying...

"Eric Ruth is the best marketer the fitness industry has ever seen. And he's created the most complete referral resource I've ever seen." - Pat Rigsby, Fitness Business Coach and Owner of

"I built my business from referrals and learned 90% of it from Eric Ruth! This is the missing link to so many fitness businesses!" - Fred Zoller, Owner LEAN Performance Academy

"What Eric has created with his referral system is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME." - Alicia Streger, Fitness Business Expert and Owner of

"Eric Ruth helped me generate $250,000 per MONTH with his marketing system. The results were amazing. I literally built my business on the backbone of that one marketing system. If you want more clients, Eric's your man!" - Forrest Walden, CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness

"I've got some great stories I could share with you about Eric Ruth. His marketing helped me build 3 highly successful fitness studios in 3 different cities in a 4-year period, and net profit close to a million dollars during that time frame." - Clint Howard, Founder Tulsa Fitness Systems

"Eric has been a marketing mentor of mine since 2006. He is constantly striving to help fit pros improve their business so they can truly ENJOY life." - John Heringer, Owner Method3 Fitness

"I've known Eric for 15 years. He's produced so many great fitness marketing strategies and tools, and his referral programs may just be the best of them all." - Brian Grasso, Eliminate Your Limits

"Eric Ruth's referral system is incredible. It will make a huge impact on my business and lots of other fitness businesses. It's a winner and I highly recommend it." - Randy Hartz, Owner Complete Fitness

"Eric Ruth is one of the smartest, most passionate and experienced fitness business professionals you'll ever meet." - Greg Justice, CEO National Corporate Fitness Institute and Owner, AYC Health and Fitness

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