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Results from the Definitive Referral Survey of Fitness Businesses

This is the page where I'll be posting the results from the referral survey as soon as we've reached statistical validity. Which means at least 200 survey responders.

I'll also be posting my key take-aways and recommendations based on the data obtained by the referral survey.

And as more results come in over time, I'll continue to update this post to keep it relevant and useful.

So please tell your fitness professional friends to participate in the Definitive Referral Survey for Fitness Businesses.

No opt-in is required. It's anonymous. And it's free.

Thank you!

Simple Referral System Trademarked

We're very excited to announce that as of May 19, 2020, our proprietary referral marketing system, Simple Referral System(TM), is now trademarked by Eric Ruth of Local Leverage LLC.

We have successfully launched Simple Referral System for fitness professionals, with well over 100 active users. Next will be Simple Referral System for other industries and categories.

Wommology - scientific word of mouth marketing - is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC

Wommology is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC

Wommology™ (and variations WOMMology™ WOMMOLOGY™) are all common law trademarked by Local Leverage LLC as of this public posting on September 10, 2018.

Wommology is "scientific word of mouth marketing" - which is exactly what we do with all Local Leverage LLC products and services, most particularly, LocalByReferral®.

All members of LocalbyReferral are Wommologists™ applying Wommology™!

Wommologist - a local business owner who applies scientific and systematic word of mouth marketing - is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC

Wommologist is trademarked by Local Leverage LLC

Wommologist™ (and other variations such as WOMMologist™ and WOMMOLOGIST™) are all common law trademarked by Local Leverage LLC as of this public posting, September 10, 2018.

A Wommologist™ is a "smart business person who scientifically and systematically applies word of mouth marketing to grow their business".

With LocalByReferral®, and all our Local Leverage LLC products and services, we take a very serious systematic approach to word of mouth referral and relationship marketing. That's why we believe the "scientific" description is a valid one.

All LocalByReferral® members are Wommologists™ applying Wommology™!

Notification of official trademark for LocalByReferral

LocalByReferral is a registered trademark

All systems are go with our trademark application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We expect the official publication of the trademark to occur on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

Very, very excited about that because it's so important to legally protect valuable intellectual property.

So by the end of next week we'll be switching out the common law TM LocalByReferral™ to the official circle R LocalByReferral®

Update September 20, 2018

USPTO published our LocalByReferral® trademark on September 18. A screenshot of the publication is below.

Local Leverage LLC has also initiated two common law trademarks. Click the links to see the official notice of common law trademarks (with intent to file for full registered trademark):



LocalByReferral official publication of Registered Trademark